Load the DISCORDANT datasets, the corresponding login data object, instanciate a new DSLiteServer hosting these datasets and verify that the required DataSHIELD server-side packages are installed.

setupDISCORDANTTest(packages = c(), env = parent.frame())



DataSHIELD server-side packages which local installation must be verified so that the DSLiteServer can auto-configure itself and can execute the DataSHIELD operations. Default is none.


The environment where DataSHIELD objects should be looked for: the DSLiteServer and the DSIConnection objects. Default is the Global environment.


The login data for the datashield.login function.

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{ logindata <- setupDISCORDANTTest() conns <- datashield.login(logindata, assign=TRUE) # do DataSHIELD analysis datashield.logout(conns) }
#> #> Logging into the collaborating servers
#> #> No variables have been specified. #> All the variables in the table #> (the whole dataset) will be assigned to R!
#> #> Assigning table data...