Simulated dataset SURVIVAL.EXPAND_WITH_MISSING 3, in a data.frame with 2688 observations of 12 harmonized variables. The dataset contains synthetic data based on a simulated survival model, including a censoring indicator.


idUnique individual IDinteger
study.idStudy IDinteger
time.idTime IDinteger
starttimeStart of follow upnumericyears
endtimeEnd of follow upnumericyears
censCensoring statusfactor0 = not censored, 1 = censored
age.60Age centred at 60numeric
femaleGenderfactor0 = Male, 1 = Female
noise.56Noise pollution centred at 56numericdB
pm10.16Particulate matter centred at 16numericµg/m3
bmi.26Body mass index centred at 26numerickg/m2