Shortcut function to create a new DSLoginBuilder instance. The data frame that is being built can be used to perform datashield.login.

newDSLoginBuilder(logins = NULL, .silent = FALSE)



A valid login details data frame to initiate the builder, optional.


Do not warn user when non secure HTTP urls are encountered. Default is FALSE.


{ builder <- newDSLoginBuilder() builder$append(server="server1", url="", table="datashield.CNSIM1", user="administrator", password="password") builder$append(server="server2", url="dslite.server", table="CNSIM2") builder$append(server="server3", url="", table="CNSIM3", token="123456789") builder$append(server="server4", url="dslite.server", table="CNSIM4") logindata <- builder$build() }
#> Warning: Secure HTTP connection is recommended: